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        Wuhan Newrock Electrical Technology Ltd., founded in 2000, is located in the east of the second Industrial Park in Wuhan East Lake Development Zone. It is a high-tech enterprise setting research and development, production, sales into an integration. The company covers an area of 13 acres, having modern producing workshop and professional production and testing equipments. The company has an existing staff of more than 100 people,and it is a member unit of China power supply society and Wuhan power supply to the secretariat of the affiliated units. The company has three divisions: Electronic Components Division, Special Transformer Division and Power Supply Division. The company has set up offices in Shenzhen, Wenzhou and other places. Moreover, it has established subsidiary corporation in Hong Kong, providing worldwide service.   

Electronic Components Division is committed to power semiconductors and related electronic components agent sales. Its main business is providing IGBT module, IPM, thyristor, rectifier bridge, MOSFET, fast recovery diode and other power devices to companies, such as Fuji, Infineon, MACMIC, IR, IXYS, SEMIKRON. There are many other auxiliary products, like LEM sensors, Taiwan SUNON fan, EPCOS electrolytic capacitor and engaged  products, like controlled IC for military and civilian, power supply module, frequency converter, low voltage electrical appliances and so on. Now, the products of the company sells are widely used in UPS, inverter welding machine, inverter, charger, high frequency induction heating power supply, inverter power supply, program-controlled switches, power supply, power supply, plating power supply for the operation of electric power, the ultrasonic power supply, laser power, photovoltaic solar power, wind power generation system, electric propulsion systems and other equipment situations.

       Special Transformer Division has long been devoted to the design and production of a variety of special purposes, special requirements of transformer and other inductor products for the vast number of scientific research institutes and power equipment factory, and meeting the industrial, military unit of electricity magnetic compatibility requirements of the passive harmonic suppressor series product. It is a qualified preproduction enterprise of many military industrial enterprises.

       Power Supply Division mainly produces inverter power supply, charger, special power supply and other power products. Single-phase and three-phase inverter power supply products include 50-400 hz, 500-200 kva power series. Charger products are widely used in forklift truck, electric vehicle, electric vehicle charging stations, etc. Special power supply products are non-standard products. They are widely used in petroleum, railway, electric power, military industry, colleges and other special areas after being designed and produced according to customers’ requests.

       Since the establishment of the company, the variety and scope of  the sale of agent products and self-made products has expanded constantly, the product service has continuously improved, and it has successfully passed the ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification. Its product quality and after-sales service are well received by the customers. The company always adheres to the quality of the products, striving to provide service with high quality, fast speed, and reasonable price to customers and win customers’ trusts.

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